Friday, October 23, 2009

This Week...

Rico has learned to sit, shake, and is making great progress in potty training!

We were BLESSED by the US Army to attend a great night of football at University of Texas El Paso... not so good after-game hotdog issues... sorry honey!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I bet our neighbors love this!

Most of the boxes have been unpacked for a few weeks, but we were trying to wait until they were all done before curbside pickup... another great thing about Army Life, they are picking the boxes up for us! The moving company would have unpacked for us, but rumor has it they just scatter all items on the floor (and I guess you can't blame them, they couldn't possibly know where to put everything!) So here is our front yard this morning... and thank you to my man for getting up at "O-dark-thirty" as they say to get them out of the garage and onto the curb for pick up.

Oh, and really, Army families are used to these types of piles in the front, and trucks pulling in and out daily unloading and loading... so I am just sure our neighbors don't mind!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Single Soldiers Retreat

This past weekend my Chaplain hosted his first "Single Soldiers Retreat" in Ruidoso, New Mexico. There was cool air, pine trees and mountains... but even better, was the young men and women who attended, 38 in all. They were truly refreshing, sharing their ideas of what relationships are and genuinely wanting to participate and learn. Along the way, during our free time, these young men stopped to aid some elderly shop owners with needs of their storefront. Here are some pics that I took catching them helping these locals... a big HOOAH to the young men serving in the US Army, THANK YOU!

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Life...

It is INDEED a wonderful life. New, not routine you can tell by my lack of blogging... new all acryonym language. I will work hard at finding my camera cord, blogging is just no fun without it and am seeking that RoUtINe that I am missing. God is so good, his forgiveness and commitment is so sweet, and I am longing for a routine with Him...

Army Wife Life ...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

No more homelessness...FRIDAY

Incredible! God indeed supplies all of our needs! The housing office at Fort Bliss (thanks Carol!) called and told us they have a home for us, we are so excited! We have now gone for 4 months without a home of our own. I am so looking forward to placing a dinner on the table, and sitting together for a meal. This house is not the original home we thought we would get, right on the "main" post in a two-story new home, BUT it is up on the side of the mountain, with spectacular views of El Paso and the Mountain (see it in the backyard?)... Thanking our Loving and Sweet God for his provisions!

Monday, September 7, 2009

We are back, and getting settled in...

Well, sort of... we are living in a hotel until post housing is available (there are 4 families in front of us for homes).  We will be living in a hotel, don't know why they call it a suite, it is one room, two beds and a kitchenette.  We will also have a inflatable mattress for our eldest child.  Hopefully we will be here for less than two months!  

Our homeschooling curriculum is in our Household Goods Storage in The North, hmmm, somewhere in the north... so I made it over to the post library and checked out:

  • Mathematics (High School General)
  • Spanish (Berlitz)
  • Anatomy (Skeletal Systems)
  • Art (Sketching the Skeletal Systems)
  • Government (U.S. Constitution)
  • Language Arts (Poetry and ACT SAT prep Grammar)

Beginning School in a hotel, will be a challenge, but what a blessing it will be to home school during this transition, what a mess it would be to get an 8th grader and a Sophomore to two separate schools with one vehicle, and not knowing our way around.  God is indeed good!

We are LOVING Fort Bliss, and ate an an incredible Mexican Restaurant last night.  The post bowling alley was really great this week too.  The weather in very nice and not unbearable.  I am so thankful God placed some great mountains around the post, it makes for great views as we go on our daily walks. 

I will try to take some time to re-cap the summer months that we spent apart.  I am looking franticly for my cord that connects my camera to my computer.  

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My man's Birthday, during training...

I am sad to say that our blogging has been kind of random while the Chaplain is training, and I am with my family in Texas.  We don't have WiFi, which I have learned I have become very dependant on... but the Air Force Base that is close by has WiFi in their foodcourt, so here I am!  First, I am sorry if I have neglected any of the emails or comments that others have written, life is really different right now.  Not harder, not easier, just different.  We look forward to getting our family together again and living under one roof for a while.  God willing.  

Friday is Eddie's Birthday... and for that I am grateful for his life, and that our lives have formed One in Christ through marriage.  Thank you God for my man, and that he is willing to serve You in the Office of the Ministry and in the U.S. Army!  

We mailed gifts to our dad... the ball is just addressed with a sharpie and the postage $1.50-ish was applied directly to the area above the address.  How fun.  The store only had purple left... but it was fun anyway!  

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Update/ recap

First, I am sorry that I haven't been around for a while, the wifi zones are hard to come across while we wait for our housing.  So this is what we have been up to for a few weeks...

My children are enjoying their time at my sister's home in Texas while their Dad is away at Fort Jackson... this dog is such a joy to them every morning... we may have to visit the humane society when we get to Fort Bliss.
We were blessed to visit the Six Flags in Arlington, TX for Danielle's 18th birthday!!! We had a "Blast" going to the moon during the movie-ride there... really if you are in the military check out your local ITT office, the tickets were affordable!
My man was given a three day pass and I prepped with a brand new "do" for his arrival.  I am so thankful for the time he was able to spend with us... 
Chaplain Training with a Kevlar Vest... I am thankful for that... and well, his Chaplain's Assistant, who I am praying for already... God is Good.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sun kissed Texas

While the Chaplain is in South Carolina the Chaplain's Wife and children are staying with family in Texas... from the far north of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the far south of west Texas... it seems like we have stepped out of a wintery wonderland into a tropical heat. We are enjoying the sun, birds and southern hospitality. Walks are easier, as the land is flat, as log as we stay hydrated.

I do miss my husband, he is able to talk to me daily, but I still miss his sweet face, his touch and the normalcy of home life. I am thankful to God that my family is so welcoming and hospitable.

I also have a prayer request, my husbands car is in the shop. We are waiting for pay, and still unsure of the amount. He had to purchase uniforms and "incidentals"... so our finances are up in the air. God so knows. He knows our every single need. I continue to remind myself of that, but as human as I am- I regress. God's provisions always are abundant and so timely.

I don't have wifi here, and am trying to get into a routine for blogging and uploading pictures of our trip to the south... looking for a place that has some zooming internet! Starbucks? hmmmm

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day- Small Town Style

Our small community remembered the sacrifices of our service men that have given their lives for our freedoms.  My husband, who leaves in a few days for basic (Chaplain Basic, US Army) was asked to give the Invocation and Benediction for the memorial.  Moving.

Loving Too Much?

Ever wondered if you love TOO much? We hear that if we hold an infant too much we will spoil them, but I'm not sure I agree with that concept. If they need love, we should give it to them.

Is is possible to love your wife or children too much? I will be leaving Thursday morning for Chaplain Basic (CH-BOLC) so I won't see my wife and kids for 3 months. Oh, comparatively speaking 3 months is short compared to a year or even several years while deployed, but still...I am going to miss them; especially my beloved wife.

I know she believes meeting me saved her life, from whatever sort of life she lived before we met, but I beg to differ. She saved MY life. The reality is, if it weren't for this special woman, my soul would continue to be lost through unbelief in a Savior. She led me to the greatest gift I could have ever received...salvation in Jesus alone! She gave me...LOVE; true, deep and limitless love.

So, again can you love too much? We can have misdirected love as for example when we love the gift more than the giver of the gift. We can have improper love as when we love something God tells us not to love. But we can't love TOO much! After all God is love and His limitless love is demonstrated by His Son dying for us, His friends (John 15:13-14). If anything, God loves us too much because we are so undeserving of His love, but that's exactly why we CAN'T love too much. We don't have that capability.

I love my wife and kids and will miss them, but I know that love endures and actually strengthens through trials and tribulations. Thank you Shawn for loving me and walking beside me these 19 years. Let's see what Love has in store for us in the future!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Am An American Soldier!

Work begins!

I have begun reading 'Army Officer's Guide' by LTC Keith E. Bonn.
Admittedly I purchased this book a week before I got 'the call', believing it was God's call and having faith He would continue to open the doors to the Army Chaplaincy. And He did. It's an interesting book and since I am SO excited about Army tradition and values, I enjoy the read.

But there is more work to be done. In addition to the numerous emails from CH-BOLC staff and requests for information from them, I was notified we must memorize the Soldier's Creed.

I AM (becoming) An American Soldier. Hooah!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reality of farewell

Sunday our churches celebrated my husband's Call to them by hosting a farewell dinner.  The beautiful  flowers, tons of food and tears streaming down faces was a sight to behold!  We thank Our Redeemer Lutheran Church and Trinity Lutheran Church for the years of hospitality in the U.P of Michigan!  Later that day we hosted a farewell cook-out/graduation party for my 17 year old daughter at the parsonage... huge success!  120+ people celebrated with us and we even had three seminary friends (and families) travel to be a part of the festivities.

Then reality hits.  Quiet.  We are leaving. 

My heart is breaking.  Three months away from my sweet husband.  I just want to touch him.  Remember every detail of his face.  Three months.  Reality.  

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sacrifices for My Country!!!

Well, the Army has called and I have responded. I will take one for the team. I have been assigned to the 4th Platoon and since this is the LARGEST CH-BOLC class in over 20 years, there are not enough rooms on post to house all of us. Some of us MUST sacrifice and give up plush living on post for this...
Oh, how much I LOVE the Army!!! I hope post housing at Fort Bliss is like this...I'm sure it will be.

While my Sweetheart is away...

My daughter will turn 18 while her daddy is in training to be a chaplain.  My middle child will turn 15 as well...We will be living with family in Texas, and they are asking for a "fun" summer... planned so far is 

1.  Cousin's wedding in South Padre' Island... BEACH!
2.  Working out at the Base gym (we will be by an Air Force Base)
3.  Lots of sun... praying for tan lines instead of burn marks
4.  A visit from an Uncle and Aunt that we have not seen in years.
5.  SHOPPING at a MALL!  ( we live 2 1/2 hours from the closest mall!)
6.  A trip to see dad during the fourth of July (unlikely, but praying for it)
7.  A concert at the SIX FLAGS over TEXAS to see Boys like Girls and Never Shout Never 

Sound Fun?!

I only wish my sweet man would be able to be with us, but am hoping that if we have weekly plans the time will go by faster.  Please keep us in your prayers as the time gets closer to our time apart.  He is my very best friend, and I know my heart will yearn for his sweet face.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Travel plans

The days are ticking by.  We made flight plans for our me and the children to travel to Ablilene to live with my family while Chaplain is in CH-BOLC in South Carolina, seemed all was well.  Then, we received an email stating that our orders had to be amended to say Abilene or we fly to El Paso... goodness I hope this isn't a hard thing to do, I really don't want to have to get a hotel in El Paso and rent a car to drive to Abilene.  I have faith that God knows our every single need, even this glitch, Chaplain says not to worry about it, it will "come together".  I am thankful for how smoothly all has been moving along so far.  

Matthew 6:27 (New International Version)

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Army hair... or lack of

We traveled to Wausau, Wisconsin to a Pass and I.D. office this week to get our family enrolled in DEERS (the system that allows our family to be a part of the medical benefits) and to get our identification cards.  My husband is ordered to show up to Chaplain Basic with NO hair on his head... and it says, "yes we mean that, no hair".  We thought it would be funny to shave off his eyebrows and lashes, but that would just be wrong! 

So he is sporting a new "do" or "un-do"... teeheeheee

I think he has the perfect brain structure for this cut, I love the look, he is so adorable and my heart beats faster when I see him... even after the 19 years!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cardboard Soldier

We thought this was hilarious... the guy in the background is actually cardboard, life sized and armed.  We all posed with the prop, and he looks so real... kinda scary with the weapon and all.  Goofing around as a family, memories.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Our family is number 28 on the housing list. I hear these lists move fast, so we are anticipating the home to be available when my sweet man completes his Chaplain Basic Training in South Carolina. This is what our home will look like. The boys are excited about the lack of yard work in their future!

Now...Everyone Knows!

Today was one of
the most difficult days
as a Pastor!
I told both of my congregations
that my family and I will be leaving
by the end of May.

There was a lot of sadness,
but praise be to God
both congregations understood
and supported this new call
as an Army Chaplain!

Friday, April 24, 2009

ipod Touch

My son Aaron received an
ipod Touch
that he bought from ebay.

Thou Shalt Not Covet!

now...I want an iphone


so does my wife.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Helpful to me...

I was blessed with Army Wife Talk Radio's call-in gift one night... and no I will not tell you which one, because I called in, and well, I stunk!  BUT, they did give me this book.  It is well worth the read.  (As you can tell by the condition...and you must know I do most of my reading in the bathtub with tea and a candle) It helped me with questions pertaining to TriCare, DEERS, Military ID's, Space A Travel, Education, MWR events and so much more.  I do recommend it!  Both the radio show and the book!  Thanks ladies!

Oath of Office

We live in the U.P. of Michigan, for now, which makes us pretty remote.  Ed has quickly received paperwork, life is a whirlwind.  The Official Orders arrived, then an email from D.C. explaining the next steps... Taking his Oath, which was not easy to do, being that he had to be sworn in by an officer.  We called recruiting offices, reserve stations, Army, Guard, Coast Guard... and finally in Duluth, Minnesota a Medical Reserve Post was able to provide a super-friendly young man to administer the Oath of Office.  What a memorable day!

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Official!

Well, it's official. I've received orders from the Department of the Army. I am officially welcomed into the United States Army as Chaplain (1LT) Edward Wright. What a thrill!

Now...the real hard part. Telling my congregations. I DO NOT look forward to that as I know it will be difficult for me and for some members. I have grown to love serving the Lord at Our Redeemer in Bessemer and Trinity in Bergland Michigan. I will miss so many people, yet they are in God's hands and He certainly has another man who will shepherd them.

God has a's merely our job to seek His plan in our lives and to follow His direction and guidance.

It's time to pack and have a garage figure out where my wife and kids will be living while I am in CH-BOLC. (May 31-Aug 28). I am grateful my lovely wife is just as excited as I am and that we have older kids (17, 14, 13) who are also excited and willing and able to help in moving.

Since we live in a parsonage we will have to have our things packed and moved to our first post, Fort Bliss TX not long after I am required to report to CH-BOLC. So, my family will be homeless for 3 months.

Our questions yet to be answered:
1. Can my family move into post housing while I am in CH-BOLC?
2. Will we get paid BAH?
3. How long is the wait for post housing?
4. Should I bring a car? Of which we will have to purchase because I totaled our 2nd car and now we only have one.

Oh well, so many unanswered questions, yet to Him, they have already been answered and taken care of so...why worry? Mt. 6:31-34.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One Extreme to Another

I received a call from the Chaplain assigning us to our first duty station...Fort Bliss TX. Admittedly I didn't expect Texas but this is where the Lord is placing us, we go.

Today we have snow on the ground in Bessemer MI where I am serving two congregations and in Fort Bliss TX the temperature is 84. From the extreme north to the extreme south. God has such a sense of humor.

Also, CH-BOLC is May 31...much sooner than September 13 so we'd better get ready as a family. The wife and kids are soooo excited and so am I.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Still waiting... We thought maybe Monday we would hear... Glad it is Holy Week and we will be busy... 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Confirmation Sunday

Our church has a tradition of instructing young men and women before they become members of the church and so they are able to understand how to examine themselves properly for Communion... it is a two year class process that is really an accomplishment, with memory work, discussion concerning contemporary issues and church history.  

This year our youngest is part of the class that has completed the instruction and sat with the church elders in questioning.  That is pretty scary for 8th graders!  

We will celebrate with a dinner after church and each place setting will have a treat.

  Congratulations Aaron!

If you want instructions on the use of fondant on cookies... look here.  

Friday, April 3, 2009

Family and Pizza Night

Friday night is Family and Pizza night. My favorite night of the week.

My wife is an award winning Chef so any time we are eating anything she is cooking is a great night. Eating out is more a relaxing time for her and I and the kids rather than a night to eat something comparable to home, only no dishes or clean up.

Tonight we are eating Barbecue Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza and cheese bread. Yum! My wonderful wife perfected thin crust, which makes her pizza even that much better. Her cooking makes Pizza night great, even when the movie isn't so great.

As for movies, we rented Seven Pounds from Redbox, which by the way is wonderful. We watch it on our Clearplay DVD player, which cuts out parts of the movies that are inappropriate like language and 'skin' and excessive violence. It allows us to watch even R rated movies with our kids. A great invention and one I highly recommend.

By the way, Seven Pounds...terrible ending! Marley and Me...boring, as our kids relayed to us. My bride and I didn't even bother to watch it if all three kids didn't like it. Oh, there's always next Friday!!!!!

Waiting for orders!

Well, it's not so bad waiting. As my wife posted below, we've received an email from DC that notification on CH-BOLC and first duty station should be forthcoming shortly. How exciting, but we still must wait.

Prior to getting THE CALL that I've been officially accessioned as an Army Chaplain, I was not waiting patiently, but waiting with much anxiety. But now I wait with excitement knowing that the call will change our future, at least our earthly future.

Jesus has taken care of our eternal, spiritual future and as we anticipate Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and of course, Easter I remember His promises to me.

But now, we wait and see how God working for our earthly future and I wait with a new, different heart. One that continues to work at firmly trusting His guidance and His will.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


How exciting!  To get emails from D.C.!

So our email looks like we will be going to CH-BOLC in May... well, my sweet man will... we (the family) will plan on visiting friends and relatives for three months!  We are waiting to get the "official" documents and get sworn in. 

 Deep breath.

I can't believe, well, hmmm, I guess I can... how our Father works in our lives, how HE has plans, plans that spread his Holy Grace in Christ through the world.  How HE uses HIS called men to serve HIS purpose in this world.  How this world seems lost, yet HE provides such HOPE.

Now we wait.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Release/Publication Date

My Sweet husband and I have been blogging our experience via blogspot... but only in private, in secrecy... it is hard.  Oh how I want to have a release date for this blog! 

Our congregations do not know yet.  We are told to wait to tell them until we are closer to our departure date.


There is a new road to go down.  We are excited.  God is with us!

We are told that the parishioners will appreciate not knowing for so long.  That months of preparing to leave will hurt them.  So we wait to tell them.  I feel awful about this.  I know their pastor (my man) is going to be in pain when he announces that he has accepted this Call.  

Release/Publication Date: unknown

God is so awesome.  He has calmed us, he continues to show us his sweet Grace and Mercy.  I am thankful. 

I spent the day yesterday with a friend in the hospital.  How I thank you Father, that you provide such people to care for our ill.  How I thank You that you care so much for us, even knowing our littlest need.  You are awesome!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Call!!!!!

1524 Central Standard Time

I received...THE CALL.

My recruiter called as my family and I were leaving the house to exercise at the local community college walking track. He said, "Congratulations, you have been accepted into the United States Army as a Chaplain. You are assigned to Chaplain Basic in September." He also said that he LOVED to make these calls.

My initial thoughts...what a privilege. To serve my Savior and to serve my country is a privilege few are called to do. Yet, I can't tell my congregations just yet, until orders have been received and I have been sworn in. My recruiter informs me that this could take 60 days...more 'hurry up and wait'. But somehow, it seems so different. I KNOW I'm going in so to wait for paperwork, etc, is ok with me.

Suddenly my family and I will have dramatic changes in our lives. Where will we live for the next two years? Will we live overseas, our first choice or one of our three stateside choices which are in order:

1. Washington State
2. Alaska
3. North Carolina

Still, so many questions, but HE is the answer. We are all SO excited. God is good, but He is always good even when His answer isn't what we hope.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Army Wife Talk Radio

Okay, so if you didn't know, there is an awesome group of gals who have an informative talk radio program for Army Wives.  Really, check it out... it has been a great introduction to me as I anticipate  Army life!

And check out these cool t-shirts they have over there.  

BTW, I love to put the archived programs on my sweet little pink ipod and

Thursday, March 19, 2009

continued wait time

Yup, if you pray for patience, you will wait!  LOL  We have been waiting for the March boards to meet and let us know if we are Army bound.  How my sweet husband wants to serve God by serving his country and the young men and women in the Army.  Dedication and perseverance are so evident in this man, as well as the willingness to share the gift of Grace that Christ Jesus gives.  So, although it never happens to be the last week of the month, it seems this month the board is meeting next week... the last week of the month!  Patience!  Meanwhile we read blogs and dive into spring cleaning.  As you see here

Another item we are wondering about, along with where the family will live during CH-BLOC, will pay be on time, where we will move to our first duty station, and how God is going to provide all these things (we know He will, we are just curious as to how... but we have total faith that He knows exactly what we need and when we need it), we prayerfully consider how we will inform our congregations, and then this happened:

and so we wonder how a new chaplain will get around his new post.

Oh, and BTW, it is still SNOWING!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How this all got started...

When did it all begin?
I grew up in the Army, enlisted in the Air Force in 1985, out in 1989, so the military has always been a part of my life.  I've wanted to return ever since I've been married, since 1990, but one thing prevented me...a seizure.

I had a single grand mal seizure in 1988, which forced me out of the Air Force.  This prevented me from going back in the military, until recently.

In 2007 a recruiter suggested I enter the Army National Guard because they desperately need Chaplain's.  He said I should just 'give it a try' and see what happens.  So, I began the process and it began with, sadly my weight.

I weighed in at a hefty 227, the heaviest I had ever been.  So I worked on my weight and the Army worked on waivers for my seizure.  Toward the end of 2007, in November I notified the congregations I serve that I am considering the National Guard, which would require time on my part (one weekend a month, 2 weeks a year).  Well, not many were excited about this new drain on my already busy schedule.

So, after much prayer and discussion with my wife, who said, "I will support you no matter what decision you make", what a great wife, she also said, "If you're going to do it, just do it full time."  So I notified my recruiter that I intend to stop the process and once again put the Military out of my mind.

October 2008; I began to think about it again.  In fact, I never really stopped thinking about it.  One day I called a recruiter and began the process of going through the waivers.  I called my endorsing agency and started filling out the paperwork for receiving an Ecclesiastical Endorsement from the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.

November 2008; My recruiter told me I had received all of the waivers and was clear to continue the process.  He suggested my paperwork be presented before the February Chaplain Accession Board and June Chaplain Basic.  I was SO excited, but...

January 2009; There's always a 'but' in the process.  Since I weighed in at one time above my weight requirement, I had to make a trip to Milwaukee MEPS for one weigh in.  After exercising like crazy, I weighed in at 205, well below my limit.

Another HUGE problem and potential deal breaker.  The military doctors wanted me to have an EEG done to make sure I am 'normal'.  "Oh no", I thought.  "Well, this is it", I remember telling my wife.  If the EEG comes back abnormal, I'm done.  Oh, and we need this right now.  'Hurry up and wait' starts and so does some frustration.

January 2009; Thankfully we live in a small town and the doctors are not THAT busy so I was able to see my family doctor to get a referral to a Neurologist, who would after an examination declare me fit for duty, and then he would schedule an EEG.  This all happened in 3 days.  God was clearly working.

I wake up with a terrible headache so I drink my normal 34 oz. of Green Tea (with caffeine) and take a migraine pill (with caffeine) and go to have my EEG done.  Little did I know that caffeine affects the EEG results, but they didn't.  God's gracious hand was on me and the EEG came back normal.  I AM NORMAL, at least that's what the EEG says.  Others say differently.

Still January 2009; I submit all of my paperwork including Ecclesiastical Endorsement, waivers, EEG results, recommendation from the Neurologist at the required deadline, but it's too late.  I have to wait until the March Board.  Aargh!  'Hurry up and wait'.

February 2009; Lent starts and the only thing left on my packet for the March Board is the Accession Interview with an Army Chaplain.  Well, we live in the UP of Michigan and are 12 hours from the closest Army Post.  

My schedule suddenly becomes packed with things to do including 3 Bible Studies a week, 4 worship services a week, shut ins, and the normal things we pastors do.  I had hoped to get this interview done before Lent, but didn't get the call until a week before Ash Wednesday, on the 18th.  So, the only time we could schedule this was the 28th of February, the last day of February.  I was told to 'hurry up' and get this done as it needed to be done before the first day of the month.  Aargh!  

February 2009; My wife and I drive from Michigan to Fort Leavenworth Kansas, leaving 7 am on Thursday the 27th.  We drive 16.5 hours through a massive snow storm in the Minneapolis area.  We arrive at the hotel at 10:30, skip the hot tub, go to sleep, wake up at 8 am, my wife cuts my hair, we take a shower and go to the interview at 9 am, have a wonderful interview at which time the Chaplain indicates he will recommend me for Active Duty, and then we drive 13.5 hours home.  Two days, 30 hours in a car.  

And now...we wait.  March Accession Board meets March 24th and everyone tells me I should find out the results within a week, by the end of the month.  Then orders, swearing in, packing and Basic in June.  All should move along after the end of the month.

My recruiter tells me EVERYTHING is done.  We'll see about that, but according to the steps from the Army everything is done.  All waivers are through; nothing to hold me back.  

Ultimately, if God is calling me, which I believe He is, then indeed nothing can stop it.  See how God worked in my life?  How is He working in yours?

Monday, March 2, 2009

The "Call"

I continue to have faith that God is working in my husbands heart towards a new Call.  In our church body we view the office of ministry as a unique Call... one that is taken with great joy and trepidation.  

My husband is a great pastor. 

 He loves the people.  

He puts the best construction on situations. 

He clings to Truth as the Lord holds tight to him.   

I will be sad that he must leave his parishioners, yet proud of his determination to remain faithful to God's Call and His Word.  

Am I Scared?  Yes.  But who can deny the Call?  

Am I Excited? Yes.  We love adventure and change.

Most of all I feel privileged... to be a part of the wonder of Christ's ministry, to see my husband search for the Will of our Lord in service to the young men and women of the Army.  

The Chaplain's Wife

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Telling my congregations

No one in either congregations I serve knows about my call to the US Army as a Chaplain.

I agonize over having to tell them.

I have grown quite close to so many members and have been there with them as they say good-by to their loved ones and hello to new members. I have seen them cry from news of cancer, only to have God perform a miracle and put them in remission. I have sat in a car with 15 youth as we travel to a Youth Convention in Minneapolis for 10 hours and thanked God we missed the bridge collapse by a few short days. I LOVE BEING A PASTOR...

But, the Lord is calling me to serve Him and His people in the US Army so I continue to pray,

"Not my will be done, but Yours!"

Telling others will be filled with mixed emotions. My family and I will look forward to the next challenge and a new home, hopefully in Europe. Image courtesy of

But we will be filled with sorrow as we leave. God knows and we trust His guidance.

Hurry Up...and wait!

Finally, I have completed ALL of the steps necessary to have my packet presented before the March Chaplain Boards. The interview with an Active Duty Army Chaplain on the 27th of February went very well. He recommended me for Active duty...phew! Now, we wait. The Board meets on the 24th of March and we may know within a week, but they (the Army) say within a month.

The Beginning, Again

Well, we are going to back track and start at the beginning.

It all began the last week of October 2008.  Pastor Wright (Ed from here on out) called the recruiter for the U.S. Army Chaplaincy Program.  Actually my sweet man has been going through months... maybe years... of prayerful contemplation concerning the Army and being a Chaplain.  We decided that he could begin the process, and if God doesn't close the doors we would continue on... and on.... and on.  

He hit a few bumps along the way, as all chaplain seekers do.  

November -He had to get an age waiver.

December-Traveled to MEPS in Milwaukee, WI for a physical.  (And the dreaded weight/body fat test- that would have sent me running in the other direction fast!)

January 2009-Another waiver for a seizure he endured while on active duty 20 years ago... which lead him to a neurologist for EEGs and such (which were fine-like the 20 years weren't evident enough!).

  He has returned all of our background paperwork for security.

And was approved from our church body (The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) for an Ecclesiastical Endorsement (after traveling to Fort Wayne, Indiana for an interview). Missed the February chaplain "boards" for approval... shoot.

February-Traveled to Fort Leavenworth to interview with a Senior Chaplain, through the worst snow storm of the year! SIXTEEN hours down, THIRTEEN in return, the very next morning.  The interview was well worth the trip though!  We had a great experience with the two chaplains and one assistant that we spoke with.  

And now we wait again.  Trying for March Boards, June Basic...

More soon about family, duty station, church announcements and such!

The Chaplain's Wife