Sunday, September 13, 2009

No more homelessness...FRIDAY

Incredible! God indeed supplies all of our needs! The housing office at Fort Bliss (thanks Carol!) called and told us they have a home for us, we are so excited! We have now gone for 4 months without a home of our own. I am so looking forward to placing a dinner on the table, and sitting together for a meal. This house is not the original home we thought we would get, right on the "main" post in a two-story new home, BUT it is up on the side of the mountain, with spectacular views of El Paso and the Mountain (see it in the backyard?)... Thanking our Loving and Sweet God for his provisions!

Monday, September 7, 2009

We are back, and getting settled in...

Well, sort of... we are living in a hotel until post housing is available (there are 4 families in front of us for homes).  We will be living in a hotel, don't know why they call it a suite, it is one room, two beds and a kitchenette.  We will also have a inflatable mattress for our eldest child.  Hopefully we will be here for less than two months!  

Our homeschooling curriculum is in our Household Goods Storage in The North, hmmm, somewhere in the north... so I made it over to the post library and checked out:

  • Mathematics (High School General)
  • Spanish (Berlitz)
  • Anatomy (Skeletal Systems)
  • Art (Sketching the Skeletal Systems)
  • Government (U.S. Constitution)
  • Language Arts (Poetry and ACT SAT prep Grammar)

Beginning School in a hotel, will be a challenge, but what a blessing it will be to home school during this transition, what a mess it would be to get an 8th grader and a Sophomore to two separate schools with one vehicle, and not knowing our way around.  God is indeed good!

We are LOVING Fort Bliss, and ate an an incredible Mexican Restaurant last night.  The post bowling alley was really great this week too.  The weather in very nice and not unbearable.  I am so thankful God placed some great mountains around the post, it makes for great views as we go on our daily walks. 

I will try to take some time to re-cap the summer months that we spent apart.  I am looking franticly for my cord that connects my camera to my computer.