Saturday, March 28, 2009

Release/Publication Date

My Sweet husband and I have been blogging our experience via blogspot... but only in private, in secrecy... it is hard.  Oh how I want to have a release date for this blog! 

Our congregations do not know yet.  We are told to wait to tell them until we are closer to our departure date.


There is a new road to go down.  We are excited.  God is with us!

We are told that the parishioners will appreciate not knowing for so long.  That months of preparing to leave will hurt them.  So we wait to tell them.  I feel awful about this.  I know their pastor (my man) is going to be in pain when he announces that he has accepted this Call.  

Release/Publication Date: unknown

God is so awesome.  He has calmed us, he continues to show us his sweet Grace and Mercy.  I am thankful. 

I spent the day yesterday with a friend in the hospital.  How I thank you Father, that you provide such people to care for our ill.  How I thank You that you care so much for us, even knowing our littlest need.  You are awesome!

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