Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Official!

Well, it's official. I've received orders from the Department of the Army. I am officially welcomed into the United States Army as Chaplain (1LT) Edward Wright. What a thrill!

Now...the real hard part. Telling my congregations. I DO NOT look forward to that as I know it will be difficult for me and for some members. I have grown to love serving the Lord at Our Redeemer in Bessemer and Trinity in Bergland Michigan. I will miss so many people, yet they are in God's hands and He certainly has another man who will shepherd them.

God has a's merely our job to seek His plan in our lives and to follow His direction and guidance.

It's time to pack and have a garage figure out where my wife and kids will be living while I am in CH-BOLC. (May 31-Aug 28). I am grateful my lovely wife is just as excited as I am and that we have older kids (17, 14, 13) who are also excited and willing and able to help in moving.

Since we live in a parsonage we will have to have our things packed and moved to our first post, Fort Bliss TX not long after I am required to report to CH-BOLC. So, my family will be homeless for 3 months.

Our questions yet to be answered:
1. Can my family move into post housing while I am in CH-BOLC?
2. Will we get paid BAH?
3. How long is the wait for post housing?
4. Should I bring a car? Of which we will have to purchase because I totaled our 2nd car and now we only have one.

Oh well, so many unanswered questions, yet to Him, they have already been answered and taken care of so...why worry? Mt. 6:31-34.

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