Monday, May 25, 2009

Loving Too Much?

Ever wondered if you love TOO much? We hear that if we hold an infant too much we will spoil them, but I'm not sure I agree with that concept. If they need love, we should give it to them.

Is is possible to love your wife or children too much? I will be leaving Thursday morning for Chaplain Basic (CH-BOLC) so I won't see my wife and kids for 3 months. Oh, comparatively speaking 3 months is short compared to a year or even several years while deployed, but still...I am going to miss them; especially my beloved wife.

I know she believes meeting me saved her life, from whatever sort of life she lived before we met, but I beg to differ. She saved MY life. The reality is, if it weren't for this special woman, my soul would continue to be lost through unbelief in a Savior. She led me to the greatest gift I could have ever received...salvation in Jesus alone! She gave me...LOVE; true, deep and limitless love.

So, again can you love too much? We can have misdirected love as for example when we love the gift more than the giver of the gift. We can have improper love as when we love something God tells us not to love. But we can't love TOO much! After all God is love and His limitless love is demonstrated by His Son dying for us, His friends (John 15:13-14). If anything, God loves us too much because we are so undeserving of His love, but that's exactly why we CAN'T love too much. We don't have that capability.

I love my wife and kids and will miss them, but I know that love endures and actually strengthens through trials and tribulations. Thank you Shawn for loving me and walking beside me these 19 years. Let's see what Love has in store for us in the future!

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  1. Thursday is a BIG day for you!! Thank you for your committment to Soldiers! It is not always easy to leave our families but in the end it is more rewarding than you can imagine--or explain. Good Job!