Friday, April 3, 2009

Family and Pizza Night

Friday night is Family and Pizza night. My favorite night of the week.

My wife is an award winning Chef so any time we are eating anything she is cooking is a great night. Eating out is more a relaxing time for her and I and the kids rather than a night to eat something comparable to home, only no dishes or clean up.

Tonight we are eating Barbecue Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza and cheese bread. Yum! My wonderful wife perfected thin crust, which makes her pizza even that much better. Her cooking makes Pizza night great, even when the movie isn't so great.

As for movies, we rented Seven Pounds from Redbox, which by the way is wonderful. We watch it on our Clearplay DVD player, which cuts out parts of the movies that are inappropriate like language and 'skin' and excessive violence. It allows us to watch even R rated movies with our kids. A great invention and one I highly recommend.

By the way, Seven Pounds...terrible ending! Marley and Me...boring, as our kids relayed to us. My bride and I didn't even bother to watch it if all three kids didn't like it. Oh, there's always next Friday!!!!!

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