Friday, October 23, 2009

This Week...

Rico has learned to sit, shake, and is making great progress in potty training!

We were BLESSED by the US Army to attend a great night of football at University of Texas El Paso... not so good after-game hotdog issues... sorry honey!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I bet our neighbors love this!

Most of the boxes have been unpacked for a few weeks, but we were trying to wait until they were all done before curbside pickup... another great thing about Army Life, they are picking the boxes up for us! The moving company would have unpacked for us, but rumor has it they just scatter all items on the floor (and I guess you can't blame them, they couldn't possibly know where to put everything!) So here is our front yard this morning... and thank you to my man for getting up at "O-dark-thirty" as they say to get them out of the garage and onto the curb for pick up.

Oh, and really, Army families are used to these types of piles in the front, and trucks pulling in and out daily unloading and loading... so I am just sure our neighbors don't mind!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Single Soldiers Retreat

This past weekend my Chaplain hosted his first "Single Soldiers Retreat" in Ruidoso, New Mexico. There was cool air, pine trees and mountains... but even better, was the young men and women who attended, 38 in all. They were truly refreshing, sharing their ideas of what relationships are and genuinely wanting to participate and learn. Along the way, during our free time, these young men stopped to aid some elderly shop owners with needs of their storefront. Here are some pics that I took catching them helping these locals... a big HOOAH to the young men serving in the US Army, THANK YOU!

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Life...

It is INDEED a wonderful life. New, not routine you can tell by my lack of blogging... new all acryonym language. I will work hard at finding my camera cord, blogging is just no fun without it and am seeking that RoUtINe that I am missing. God is so good, his forgiveness and commitment is so sweet, and I am longing for a routine with Him...

Army Wife Life ...