Sunday, April 26, 2009


Our family is number 28 on the housing list. I hear these lists move fast, so we are anticipating the home to be available when my sweet man completes his Chaplain Basic Training in South Carolina. This is what our home will look like. The boys are excited about the lack of yard work in their future!


  1. Wow! Blessings to you all as you enter your new mission field!! I know God will have GOOD use of you, Eddie! Our prayers are with you!

  2. #28 is not bad. I know a chaplain family who moved here 3 months ago and they are still 60 something on the list! I'm sure we'll be neighbors come September. At that point we'll have a year under our belt. Crazy!

  3. Goodness Carrie, number 60! I hope their house list moves fast, we must need different homes?! I look forward to getting to our new "home", thanks again for your blogging, ithas been so helpful!