Friday, April 3, 2009

Waiting for orders!

Well, it's not so bad waiting. As my wife posted below, we've received an email from DC that notification on CH-BOLC and first duty station should be forthcoming shortly. How exciting, but we still must wait.

Prior to getting THE CALL that I've been officially accessioned as an Army Chaplain, I was not waiting patiently, but waiting with much anxiety. But now I wait with excitement knowing that the call will change our future, at least our earthly future.

Jesus has taken care of our eternal, spiritual future and as we anticipate Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and of course, Easter I remember His promises to me.

But now, we wait and see how God working for our earthly future and I wait with a new, different heart. One that continues to work at firmly trusting His guidance and His will.

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