Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Beginning, Again

Well, we are going to back track and start at the beginning.

It all began the last week of October 2008.  Pastor Wright (Ed from here on out) called the recruiter for the U.S. Army Chaplaincy Program.  Actually my sweet man has been going through months... maybe years... of prayerful contemplation concerning the Army and being a Chaplain.  We decided that he could begin the process, and if God doesn't close the doors we would continue on... and on.... and on.  

He hit a few bumps along the way, as all chaplain seekers do.  

November -He had to get an age waiver.

December-Traveled to MEPS in Milwaukee, WI for a physical.  (And the dreaded weight/body fat test- that would have sent me running in the other direction fast!)

January 2009-Another waiver for a seizure he endured while on active duty 20 years ago... which lead him to a neurologist for EEGs and such (which were fine-like the 20 years weren't evident enough!).

  He has returned all of our background paperwork for security.

And was approved from our church body (The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) for an Ecclesiastical Endorsement (after traveling to Fort Wayne, Indiana for an interview). Missed the February chaplain "boards" for approval... shoot.

February-Traveled to Fort Leavenworth to interview with a Senior Chaplain, through the worst snow storm of the year! SIXTEEN hours down, THIRTEEN in return, the very next morning.  The interview was well worth the trip though!  We had a great experience with the two chaplains and one assistant that we spoke with.  

And now we wait again.  Trying for March Boards, June Basic...

More soon about family, duty station, church announcements and such!

The Chaplain's Wife

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