Sunday, March 1, 2009

Telling my congregations

No one in either congregations I serve knows about my call to the US Army as a Chaplain.

I agonize over having to tell them.

I have grown quite close to so many members and have been there with them as they say good-by to their loved ones and hello to new members. I have seen them cry from news of cancer, only to have God perform a miracle and put them in remission. I have sat in a car with 15 youth as we travel to a Youth Convention in Minneapolis for 10 hours and thanked God we missed the bridge collapse by a few short days. I LOVE BEING A PASTOR...

But, the Lord is calling me to serve Him and His people in the US Army so I continue to pray,

"Not my will be done, but Yours!"

Telling others will be filled with mixed emotions. My family and I will look forward to the next challenge and a new home, hopefully in Europe. Image courtesy of

But we will be filled with sorrow as we leave. God knows and we trust His guidance.

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