Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Army hair... or lack of

We traveled to Wausau, Wisconsin to a Pass and I.D. office this week to get our family enrolled in DEERS (the system that allows our family to be a part of the medical benefits) and to get our identification cards.  My husband is ordered to show up to Chaplain Basic with NO hair on his head... and it says, "yes we mean that, no hair".  We thought it would be funny to shave off his eyebrows and lashes, but that would just be wrong! 

So he is sporting a new "do" or "un-do"... teeheeheee

I think he has the perfect brain structure for this cut, I love the look, he is so adorable and my heart beats faster when I see him... even after the 19 years!

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  1. What I really like about these pictures is the rain on the windshield. Enjoy the moisture while you can:)