Friday, November 23, 2012

Wow, haven't blogged in quite some time.  I looked at the photos and comments made and realized a lot has happened since my last entry.  Ok, so I'm trying to keep up with my blog because it has some healing effects with my soul.

Here's what's on my mind today.  We've had quite a lot of changes lately.  I deployed to FOB Shank in Afghanistan 11 September 2011 and returned 6 July 2012...10 months away from my family.  After I returned my son Christopher joined the Air Force and two months later he had to leave the Air Force because of a heart issue.  It appears he has a leaky valve or the valve doesn't close when it's supposed to.  His absence was very hard on me.  Shawn too, but I'll speak for myself.  I cried often, at least for a few days and then recovered.  Then when he told us he was getting out, another big change occurred...we had to deal with his return.  So, now it's Thanksgiving and we're waiting to see if we can get him added to our orders!

Another little miracle.  His appointment with EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) went better than expected.  The doctor at his appointment passed him along with no issues, which means it shouldn't be a problem getting him added to our orders, although we may have to adjust our flights.  We should be able to find this out the end of next week.  God is good!

We are scheduled to fly out to Wiesbaden Germany on 8 January, but with the unknown involving the 'Fiscal Cliff' our nation is facing because of possible budget cuts and tax breaks not being extended makes me nervous about our travel to Germany.  As of today we have 46 days until we leave plus Shawn and I drove to Dallas on Monday to have our vehicle shipped to Germany.  Add to that my security clearance going through and I have a lot of confidence we'll be in Germany in less than two months, but who knows with politics today.

Speaking of politics, I am so thankful the election is over.  Since the election I haven't watched news on TV so my mind is clear from the influence of both sides...such as Fox News and MSNBC both of which are heavily favored by either the Republican or Democrate party.  I feel as if I am able to make a clear decision as to what is right or wrong based on reason and the Bible because I'm not being 'brainwashed' by either side.  It feels freeing in a sense.

Enough for today!  Blessings to all.  Thanksgiving was wonderful.  We went to the Silva household...our neighbors on Fort Bliss.  They are a wonderful family.

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